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CFR is a community-driven grassroots food rescue organization dedicated to food justice and environmental stewardship. Started by food waste warrior and cycling guru Colton Davis in 2018, CFR aims to reduce food insecurity by rescuing fresh and healthy foods from being thrown away, and redistributing them directly to individuals and communities in need using bikes as our only form of transportation (YES, we operate in winter!). What makes CFR unique from most other food rescue organizations, other than the fact that we only use bicycles, is that we work to fill in the gaps that exist in traditional large-scale food rescue operations. We build relationships with small-scale markets, co-ops, minority grocers, backyard and community gardeners, and local small businesses that produce food "waste" in quantities that aren't quite large enough to warrant rescuing by larger food rescue organizations and pantries. By delivering directly to those we serve, we are preserving the quality and life of the products we deliver while improving the quality of life for the individuals and families we deliver to. There is no need to wait in long lines at food pantries, nor does anyone have to worry about the stigmatization surrounding food assistance. We believe direct delivery offers convenience, dignity, and the opportunity to connect with the communities we work with.


1 - Improve the health and well-being of  food insecure individuals through increased access to culturally appropriate and nutrient rich foods

2 - Create conditions for health and economic equity in the communities we serve

3 - Execute our work in a sustainable manner that contributes to a cleaner and  greener Mother Earth

4 - Educate the Chicagoland community about issues of food justice and food      waste. 


The largest and FRESHEST running program at CFR is our Food Rescue Program. This program is the core of our work. We find donors with excess produce and ready-to-eat items that they wish to donate instead of discard; partner with nearby hunger relief organizations to plan weekly produce drop-offs; and coordinate our volunteers to collect, sort, and deliver the food by bike. We are proud to serve smaller grocers and hunger relief organizations that have been excluded from traditional, larger-scale food rescue programs. We deliver food within hours, maximizing its quality and likelihood of being consumed. All our deliveries operate free of cost to donor and recipient organizations.